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Hollywood, Florida
April 29, 2013 - May 2, 2013

In accordance with the International Constitution, IUOE Local 49 will be taking nominations at all regular Area Meetings in the month of January 2013, for the International Convention to be held in Hollywood, Florida, on April 29, 2013 through May 2, 2013.

A Referendum Ballot to vote on the candidates will be mailed out to the members around February 1, 2013.  In addition to the 5 Officers, there will be 7 Delegates and 2 Alternates elected.

There will be 5 Election Tellers elected at the NOVEMBER 2012 General Membership Meeting on November 21st at the Main Hall in Minneapolis, MN to conduct the Election of Delegates & Alternates.

IUOE Local 49Operating Engineers Local 49 has been working with the Associated General Contractors (AGC) to clarify and correct the use of operating equipment by laborers, and a letter will be going out to contractors to ensure that everybody understands what “incidental” use really means. Basically the letter reminds signatory contractors that they may not circumvent the language of our agreements without committing a direct violation.

Please read this copy of the letter, and contact your Business Agent if you have any questions or concerns.

“Mike Holden, 39 year Local 49 member, is shown here at his retirement party on September 19, 2014. Mike was a Master Electrician for the City of International Falls.

IUOE Local 49 Retiree Mike Holden
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Mike is pictured with Business Agents, Dan Kingsley, Dan Snidarich and retired Business Agents, Thomas “Butch” Pariseau, Joseph “Dale” Long and Jack Guy, who signed Mike to a union card in 1975. Congratulations Mike!