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Mining Jobs in MN

“Only when the copper-nickel mining industry is allowed to exist in Minnesota, to mine safely, and to create good-paying construction and operation jobs will we be successful,” said Special Projects Director Jason George in a recent article. See: Advocating for new jobs, responsible development


Notice from
Central Pension Fund

Notice from IUOE Central Pension Fund

At its most recent meeting, the Board of Trustees amended the Plan of Benefits to increase the 'Benefit Accrual Rate' for Credited Future Service. The Benefit Accrual Rate is applied to contributions made on behalf of participants to determine the amount of monthly benefit that will be payable at retirement. This increase will become effective April 1, 2015. No other changes to the Plan of Benefits have been made.

This action was taken to permit a modest but meaningful increase in future benefit accruals, that will not impede the Fund’s continued recovery from the global economic crisis of 2008-2009.



Training Center

The mission of the staff at Local 49's Training Center in Hinckley, MN, is to empower our members through training and education—with the knowledge and technical expertise to perform as leaders in their given craft.

During the course of the training season approximately 4,000-5,000 members pass through our doors. The construction training season, which peaks from December through May, is now underway. [see pictures] During this time the emphasis is on classes geared to equipment operators, but "Day Training" and sessions geared to public sector employees happens all year 'round.

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Glen Johnson on the "Great American Distraction."

IUOE Local 49 Business Manager Glen JohnsonOk so today I hear on the radio that we as Americans are more engaged with what’s going on in the sports arena then we are with our own families. That we are spending more money watching, attending and discussing sports than we do on our own futures, our kids and our well-being.

I call this the Great American Distraction. It seems we know more about who won a game or who is being drafted for a sports team then who voted to take away our rights.

I asked several people in several different settings this question; who won the super bowl. Everyone knew the answer. Then I asked each one so who is your US congress person, only a few could answer this.

This country is run by those who show up, period. NO IF AND OR BUTS. So if we as a society are so distracted that we let other people make all the decisions about our future, shame on us.

My take is, the sports industry has done the best job marketing their programs, promoting their games and sensationalizing the players, making them bigger than life, so we have forgot about the real issues.

If the media spent as much time reporting on the life issues like jobs, pensions, health care and well-being for our families I think we all would be better off. The problem is this is not fun stuff, we usually don’t drink beer while listening to the news, we don’t go to the stadium to listen to this -- and most of us think it will not matter if we do.

I am sure if there was a big bill in congress that would shut down the sports industry there would be public outcry, people would be in the streets, we all would show up to let them know that we will not put up with this kind of nonsense.

But when the Supreme Court took away your rights as people and gave corporations the same status, we did almost nothing. Very few showed up in the street. People asked: what the heck is their problem? Remember the 99-percenters; the ones who knew the impact this was going to have on our lives, our kids’ lives, they’re the ones who should be sensationalized: they’re the ones we should be admiring, and hoping our kids grow up to be like them.

Now it’s the white collar workers, the pilots, who are in the street. Where were they when we needed them?

I remember an older fellow who told me this: when their belly button touches their backbone they will wake up. I hope this is not what it’s going to take for us to start paying attention, to start showing up, to be part of the 99-percenters who care.

Every day some new anti-worker issue shows up. It could be fit for duty testing, which will make anyone over the age of 40 or so subject to not being able to pass this test. So you get no job. Or an issue of are you certified or do you have a certification for that job. Now on the new trade deal the foreign companies want to make sure there are quotas of workers that we have to let in this country to work. I wonder how many workers they have to let into their countries, and why would we want to go there anyway. Workers who will work for free, or almost free.


Glen D. Johnson
Business Manager/Financial Secretary



Statement on Administrative Law Judge report on Sandpiper Pipeline Project:

Local 49 commends Administrative Law Judge Eric Lipman's exhaustive review of the Sandpiper Pipeline Project. Judge Lipman ran a a fair and efficient public process where everyone had a chance to put their views on the record.

Hundreds of our members were proud to share their invaluable experiences as builders of our nations pipelines during the public comment period.

Quote from Jason George - Local 49 Special Projects Director on the need for Sandpiper:

"Northern Minnesota needs the thousands of family sustaining construction jobs; local governments need the tax revenue; local businesses need the economic boost; and we all need to get more oil off of our rail system and safely into pipelines - Minnesota needs to build the Sandpiper Pipeline."

Read the official press release for more information.


"Right-to-work" is wrong for workers

Right to work’s true purpose is to hurt the ability of unions to advocate for all workers and serve as a check on corporate greed - to restore the way our economy runs so the profits are shared fairly, not showered on Wall Street and mega-corporations.

Local 49 urges Operators and all other working Americans to learn more about so-called 'right to work' and get involved at www.wrongforeveryone.org.

A pipeline to jobs, economic and energy security:

The ultimate choice when considering pipelines is whether we follow the advice of groups like Greenpeace and “turn back the clock” to the days when OPEC ministers determined our energy security, or improve control by handling our domestic energy resources for the good of North America.

Learn more about why Harry Melander the President of the Minnesota Building and Construction Trades Council and William Blazar, the Senior VP of Public Affairs & Business Development at the Minnesota Chamber of Commerce, are urging decision makers to carefully weigh the costs and benefits of pipeline development in Minnesota.

Duluth & Virginia area:

SUNDAY August 2, 2014
11:00 – 3:00 P.M.
Veterans Memorial Park
Ely Lake



PolyMet logo
PolyMet Mining is gearing up
for a busy and productive few months ahead as state and federal regulators complete the environmental review process and prepare for permitting a modern copper-nickel and precious metals mine. Two million construction hours – about the same needed to build Target Field – will be required to modernize existing structures and build the mine near Hoyt Lakes.

DNR Commissioner Landwehr said it is his goal to have the critical documents “out the door” this spring. Permitting would come next.

Keep checking back for more details.link to March 2015 PolyMet update

Load Fast Modular Loading Systems Portable Crane
The International Union of Operating Engineers is working to clarify that work done using the Load Fast Modular Loading Systems Portable Crane is under the proper core jurisdiction of the IUOE as an OSHA-designated crane.  

Please read this brief explanation, and share it with other members. Note that any questions which cannot be answered by Area Business Representatives may be sent directly to the IUOE Director of Jursidiction, Terry T. George, at either (202) 778-2617 or email to tgeorge@iuoe.org

Load Fast Modular Loading Systems Portable Crane

IUOE Local 49Operating Engineers Local 49 has been working with the Associated General Contractors (AGC) to clarify and correct the use of operating equipment by laborers, and a letter will be going out to contractors to ensure that everybody understands what “incidental” use really means. Basically the letter reminds signatory contractors that they may not circumvent the language of our agreements without committing a direct violation.

Please read this copy of the letter, and contact your Business Agent if you have any questions or concerns.