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IUOE Local 49

2015 Local Officer Election Results

The Certified results of Local 49's 2015 Officer Elections were announced at the regularly scheduled Monthly General Membership Meeting on August 19, 2015.

Glen D. Johnson was elected to serve a fifth term as the local's Business Manager. The complete list of 2015 Officer Election Results is also available.

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Housing Our Heroes

Local 49 supports Housing Our Heroes initiative

Local 49 is proud join the Shoreview Area Housing Initiative in sponsoring a home through their "Housing Our Heroes" campaign. Our union joined other construction industry partners in volunteering their time and skill in order to build a home for a disabled veteran and his family.

Local 49 is proud to support veterans and help them build a successful future.

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Mining Jobs in MN

“Only when the copper-nickel mining industry is allowed to exist in Minnesota, to mine safely, and to create good-paying construction and operation jobs will we be successful,” said Special Projects Director Jason George in a recent article. See: Advocating for new jobs, responsible development


Notice from
Central Pension Fund

Notice from IUOE Central Pension Fund

At its most recent meeting, the Board of Trustees amended the Plan of Benefits to increase the 'Benefit Accrual Rate' for Credited Future Service. The Benefit Accrual Rate is applied to contributions made on behalf of participants to determine the amount of monthly benefit that will be payable at retirement. This increase will become effective April 1, 2015. No other changes to the Plan of Benefits have been made.

This action was taken to permit a modest but meaningful increase in future benefit accruals, that will not impede the Fund’s continued recovery from the global economic crisis of 2008-2009.


Local 49’s campaign to defeat anti-union agenda in our region:

Local 49 Business Manager Glen JohnsonThe forces in this country that seek to destroy your union and your ability to have a middle class life are blitzing the Midwest. Wisconsin is now a right to work state and last week they lost prevailing wage on more than 80% of their construction projects. Michigan recently became a right to work state, and bills to repeal prevailing wage are advancing as we speak. Indiana recently became a right to work state, and a month ago, they fully repealed prevailing wage. Iowa, North Dakota, and South Dakota are all Right to Work states that don’t have any prevailing wage laws.

If any 49er doesn’t think that these fights are coming to Minnesota sometime soon, they are dead wrong. The fight might not be here tomorrow, but it will come. The question that 49ers must answer is what will we do while we wait.

Will be go about our normal business, and hope that that the people of Minnesota don’t elect anti-union majorities? Or will we take the time we have to start working to stop these policies right now?

I know I have made my decision. We are going to fight, and we are going to win. Pounding pots and pans at the state capitol while the bills are being heard is not a winning strategy. By the time the bills are introduced, we have lost.

We will be proactive, we will not be afraid to talk about our union, how we do business, and how we benefit our communities and the middle class. We have hired professional communicators to help us make sure we have the right messages, and that work has started with the launch of our campaign.

I’m proud that our executive board unanimously moved to spend the money for this effort. I’m proud of the membership for the overwhelming support they have expressed in all of the meetings we had on this throughout our entire jurisdiction.

Our Union is ready to fight, and if we stick together we will win.

Glen D. Johnson
Business Manager/Financial Secretary
International Union of Operating Engineers Local 49


debunking so-called 'right-to-work'

"Right-to-work" is wrong for workers

Right to work’s true purpose is to hurt the ability of unions to advocate for all workers and serve as a check on corporate greed - to restore the way our economy runs so the profits are shared fairly, not showered on Wall Street and mega-corporations.

Local 49 urges Operators and all other working Americans to learn more about so-called 'right to work' and get involved at www.wrongforeveryone.org.

Local 49: Pulling Our Weight


PolyMet logo
PolyMet Mining is gearing up
for a busy and productive few months ahead as state and federal regulators complete the environmental review process and prepare for permitting a modern copper-nickel and precious metals mine. Two million construction hours – about the same needed to build Target Field – will be required to modernize existing structures and build the mine near Hoyt Lakes.

DNR Commissioner Landwehr said it is his goal to have the critical documents “out the door” this spring. Permitting would come next.

Keep checking back for more details.link to March 2015 PolyMet update

Load Fast Modular Loading Systems Portable Crane
The International Union of Operating Engineers is working to clarify that work done using the Load Fast Modular Loading Systems Portable Crane is under the proper core jurisdiction of the IUOE as an OSHA-designated crane.  

Please read this brief explanation, and share it with other members. Note that any questions which cannot be answered by Area Business Representatives may be sent directly to the IUOE Director of Jursidiction, Terry T. George, at either (202) 778-2617 or email to tgeorge@iuoe.org

Load Fast Modular Loading Systems Portable Crane

IUOE Local 49Operating Engineers Local 49 has been working with the Associated General Contractors (AGC) to clarify and correct the use of operating equipment by laborers, and a letter will be going out to contractors to ensure that everybody understands what “incidental” use really means. Basically the letter reminds signatory contractors that they may not circumvent the language of our agreements without committing a direct violation.

Please read this copy of the letter, and contact your Business Agent if you have any questions or concerns.