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2014 Campaign Endorsements

On Tuesday July 29th there will be a meeting at the main hall in Minneapolis to review candidates in Minnesota that would like to be endorsed by Local 49.  We need to make sure the November elections leave us with a pro-49er majority. Anyone that wants our endorsement needs to prove that they have our back. If we want roads, bridges, and mining, we need to get the right people elected.

All members are welcome to become part of the process by showing up at 5:30 on the 29th

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Training Center

The mission of the staff at Local 49's Training Center in Hinckley, MN, is to empower our members through training and education—with the knowledge and technical expertise to perform as leaders in their given craft.

During the course of the training season, approximately 4,000-5,000 members pass through our doors. The construction training season peaks from December through May. During this time the emphasis is on classes geared to equipment operators, but "Day Training" and sessions geared to public sector employees happens all year 'round.

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Health Benefits

Another new Health Dynamics site is available for annual comprehensive Physical exams. 
Sanford Health Occupational Medicine Clinic
1705 Anne Street NW
Bemidji, MN 56601


The Bemidji site also conducts CDL checkups for $69.00

Be sure to visit the Health Fund's website to review all the programs that are available to you and your family as eligible participants in the Local 49 Health Plan.

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The work picture for operating engineers for the next several years is strong.

Summer 2014 has arrived and looks to be one of the wettest years that Minnesota has had in recent memory. The rain has caused flooding in lakes, rivers, ditches, fields and other low ground areas. North and South Dakota have had their share of flooding as well. Over 50% of the counties in Minnesota have reported damage to roads, culverts, bridges, and properties.

The International Union in Washington, D.C. has set up a disaster fund for members. If your primary residence has damage caused by flooding you should talk to your local business representative about the application process to receive financial assistance from our International office.

The repair work and rebuilding of the flooded areas will take some time as well as an assessment of the magnitude of the damage. Projects to pre-empt another flooding disaster, like the Fargo/Moorhead diversion, have been funded and the work will be ongoing for the next several years.

The Vikings and the Saints stadium projects are well underway. We also have hotel and retail building projects connected to the stadium projects. Private investment companies are once again looking at the Midwest for growth potential. This interest is a good sign that the upper Midwest is a place that business wants to be. The Midwest region offers versatile workers and our transportation system in and out of the region factor in those decisions.

The work picture for operating engineers for the next several years is strong. We are at an all-time high in our apprenticeship program with over 250 working apprentices. As members retire our job is to replace those members with trained, skilled and productive workers. We are doing just that, and will continue to recruit workers for our industry as we go into the future. Over 5000 members attended classes last season to learn new skills and upgrade their existing knowledge of industry practices. This is a testament to you and your coworkers that Local 49 has some of the most trained operators in the country.

A reminder in that if you travel into another local’s jurisdiction you must clear in to work there. It is your responsibility, not your employer to do clear you in before you travel.

Help your brother and sister 49er be the best they can be, work safe and have a great summer.

Work safe and have a good season.

Glen Johnson
Business Manager, Local 49
International Union of Operating Engineers

A pipeline to jobs, economic and energy security:

The ultimate choice when considering pipelines is whether we follow the advice of groups like Greenpeace and “turn back the clock” to the days when OPEC ministers determined our energy security, or improve control by handling our domestic energy resources for the good of North America.

Learn more about why Harry Melander the President of the Minnesota Building and Construction Trades Council and William Blazar, the Senior VP of Public Affairs & Business Development at the Minnesota Chamber of Commerce, are urging decision makers to carefully weigh the costs and benefits of pipeline development in Minnesota.

see the winnersLocal 49 awarded ten (10) $1,000 Educational Scholarships in May of 2014

Ten grants of $1,000.00 each were awarded this year, funded by members participating in our successful Scholarship Raffle, and Local 49 is pleased to announce our 2014 Scholarship winners:

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Mortar boardScholarship Fund Raffle

IUOE Local 49 awards scholarships to the children of our members to pursue career goals via a college education. These awards are funded entirely by members of Local 49 via an annual raffle.

For more information about the raffle, including the rules and prizes, see: 2015 Scholarship Fund Raffle

New & Views from the MN Vikings Stadium construction work:

Local 49 is documenting the work of the skilled union professionals on the job site in downtown Minneapolis as the new stadium rises from the ground.  We have an album growing on Pinterest Join Local 49 on Pinterest- join us there!

Local 49 Operator Tim Busse in Terex 6800 Demag

The metro area picnic is done, but...
2014 Local 49 Member Picnics

Duluth & Virginia area:

SUNDAY August 3, 2014
11:00 – 3:00 P.M.
Veterans Memorial Park
Ely Lake



Brother Darrell Miller
...grew up on a farm so he knows the issues facing farmers and ranchers. He's worked construction and seen things from the standpoint of working families.

We're proud that Darrell is running for office in North Dakota's 35th District.