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Training Center

The mission of the staff at Local 49's Training Center in Hinckley, MN, is to empower our members through training and education—with the knowledge and technical expertise to perform as leaders in their given craft.

During the course of the training season approximately 4,000-5,000 members pass through our doors. The construction training season, which peaks from December through May, is now underway. [see pictures] During this time the emphasis is on classes geared to equipment operators, but "Day Training" and sessions geared to public sector employees happens all year 'round.

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January 2015: Enbridge Sandpiper Pipeline Public Hearings

The Public Utilities Commission, the government agency that regulates pipelines in Minnesota, is hosting public meetings on the proposed Sandpiper Pipeline. This pipeline will create thousands of union construction jobs in Minnesota, will provide millions of dollars in property tax revenue for greater Minnesota, and will move us closer to energy independence.



Health Benefits

Schedules for IUOE Local 49's annual Health Fund information meetings for plan participants is available at the two following links:

Information for participants that are Eligible on the plan, Early Retirees and their spouses: 

Information for those on Medicare and their spouses: 

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Winter came early this year and caught us off guard.Local 49 Business Manager Glen Johnson

The elections are over and changes to the political structure of our states and the nation will start to play out in the coming months. Several big things that need to get done before the new congress starts in January are already heating up. The tax extender bill which includes the pension provision that will allow pensions like ours to continue to provide benefits now and well into the future is one of the things we want to get done now. There is the pipeline project “Keystone” that has already had a vote in the House and will be taken up the week of November 17th in the Senate and will either pass or fail. And then the Affordable care act that would tax our health fund needs to be fixed now as well.

There are many more issues, and this Congress will have their hands full. One of the comments I’ve heard was, “Now that we have control we need to roll our sleeves up and get some work done.” What was the Congress doing before? “Nothing,” is the answer to that question. We all need to hold elected officials accountable for what they told us they would do if elected.

The work picture remains strong going into the winter with many building projects ongoing in all three states. One set back is the fertilizer plant in North Dakota, it appears that this whole project is going to be rebid. The contractors that were working on this have been told to stop working and close it up. We will see what happens over the winter.

The holidays are fast approaching and that information is on the web site as well. Attend one of the health meeting to learn about your health fund and what you can do to help you and your family get the best benefit from your health fund.

The training center has purchased a Manitowoc 10,000 crane and this will be on site this week. The classes are filling up fast and if you find that the one you want is full make sure you put your name on a waiting list for that class. If we get enough members and can schedule another class we will do that.

Remember you are the union, do your best and we all benefit. Work safe and have a joyful Holiday season.


IUOE General President CallahanA letter from IUOE General President Callahan

On August 1st, 2014, International Union of Operating Engineers General President James T. Callahan issued a written statement regarding the last-minute action in Congress to provide stopgap funding for the Highway Trust fund, which effectively delayed a long-term solution.

"Operating Engineers need Congress to do its job, so that we can do ours. There is nothing more important to the domestic American economy and the job opportunities of Operating Engineers than a robust, long-term transportation funding bill. We are tired of excuses. We are tired of the partisan games."

Read President Callahan's letter.

A pipeline to jobs, economic and energy security:

The ultimate choice when considering pipelines is whether we follow the advice of groups like Greenpeace and “turn back the clock” to the days when OPEC ministers determined our energy security, or improve control by handling our domestic energy resources for the good of North America.

Learn more about why Harry Melander the President of the Minnesota Building and Construction Trades Council and William Blazar, the Senior VP of Public Affairs & Business Development at the Minnesota Chamber of Commerce, are urging decision makers to carefully weigh the costs and benefits of pipeline development in Minnesota.

Mortar boardScholarship Fund Raffle

IUOE Local 49 awards scholarships to the children of our members to pursue career goals via a college education. These awards are funded entirely by members of Local 49 via an annual raffle.

For more information about the raffle, including the rules and prizes, see: 2015 Scholarship Fund Raffle

Load Fast Modular Loading Systems Portable Crane
The International Union of Operating Engineers is working to clarify that work done using the Load Fast Modular Loading Systems Portable Crane is under the proper core jurisdiction of the IUOE as an OSHA-designated crane.  

Please read this brief explanation, and share it with other members. Note that any questions which cannot be answered by Area Business Representatives may be sent directly to the IUOE Director of Jursidiction, Terry T. George, at either (202) 778-2617 or email to tgeorge@iuoe.org

Load Fast Modular Loading Systems Portable Crane

Health Fund meetings & Holiday parties

Schedules for IUOE Local 49's annual Health Fund information meetings for plan participants, and Local 49's Holiday parties are available at the following links:

Information for participants that are Eligible on the plan, Early Retirees and their spouses: 

Information for those on Medicare and their spouses:

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Holiday Parties 2014-2015 

IUOE Local 49Operating Engineers Local 49 has been working with the Associated General Contractors (AGC) to clarify and correct the use of operating equipment by laborers, and a letter will be going out to contractors to ensure that everybody understands what “incidental” use really means. Basically the letter reminds signatory contractors that they may not circumvent the language of our agreements without committing a direct violation.

Please read this copy of the letter, and contact your Business Agent if you have any questions or concerns.

New & Views from the MN Vikings Stadium construction work:

Local 49 is documenting the work of the skilled union professionals on the job site in downtown Minneapolis as the new stadium rises from the ground.  We have an album growing on Pinterest Join Local 49 on Pinterest- join us there!

Local 49 Operator Tim Busse in Terex 6800 Demag